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Before you begin you will need a few very simple items, many of which you probably already have around the house.

A Blood Pressure Monitor

You can get one of these at any pharmacy and they come in a variety of types and at a variety of price ranges. You need this for one of the most important tests of biological age and you will need it ninety days later when you test yourself younger after you have completed this programme. If you don't want to go to the expense of purchasing your own blood pressure monitor, get your blood pressure checked by your doctor or health professional. Many places offer free blood pressure screenings and will help you write down your blood pressure accurately.

A Watch with a Sweep Second Hand

A digital watch or clock won't work for these tests. We are going to be taking measurements in exact seconds so find yourself one of the old-fashioned watches that lets you monitor each and every second.

A Yardstick

If you do a lot of sewing you probably have one of these near your sewing machine. It is important that you get the wooden kind that you can pick up in any hardware store. Don't use the kind that is made of cloth and rolls up in a ball.

A Metal Tape Measure

We all have one of these somewhere. Mine is usually in my kitchen junk drawer. But if you are more organized, yours is probably in the toolbox where it belongs. If you don't have one you can easily get a small one in any hardware store and even in the hardware department of most supermarkets.

A 3 x 5-Inch File Card

You know the type I mean. These are the cards that are usually lined on one side and plain on the other. Most of us use them to write down our favourite recipes and store them in a file box. Find a blank one or buy a small packet in any stationery store. You could also try your grocery store in the same section as writing paper, Scotch tape, and crayons.

A Cholesterol Testing Home Kit

Purchase a cholesterol testing kit from your local pharmacy or, if you prefer, have your doctor or other health professional take your cholesterol level and give you the results.

Accurate Bathroom Scales

I hate to tell you this, but one of the ageing tests is directly tied to your weight so you will need accurate bathroom scales. Sorry. But you will| thank me later.

A Notepad and a Pen

You will need a sheet of paper to record all your scores. I suggest using a pen; that way you won't be tempted to rub out scores and cheat.

That's it. That's all the equipment you will need to determine your own biological or body age. Nothing too sophisticated. Nothing too complicated. Nothing too intimidating.


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